We focus on providing quality voice services, including:

  • High quality voice calls with clear signals and fast connections.
  • Minutes for national and international calls to VoIP resellers, call centers and other carriers.
  • Remote Line Services with DID numbers in Brazil landing on your SIP server.
  • Direct routes to all major carriers in Brazil.
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Our internet services include leading solutions worldwide, such as:

  • IP Transit in Brazil to all major Data Centers or directly to your location.
  • IP Transport between Brazil and the US.
  • Last mile routes in most cities in Brazil.
  • More than 160 miles of privately-owned fiber network - over 70% of Sao Paulo.
  • World-wide partnerships that provide us with connections to all major cities.
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Our international CoLocation services eliminate the complexity and costs associated with maintaining your own infrastructure. Includes:

  • Convenient locations in the US (Miami) and Brazil (Sao Paulo, Fortaleza).
  • Cutting-edge facilities with fully redundant generators and automated climate controlled facilities.
  • Full service reliability, 24/7 security, and complete hands-on support.
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A Dedicated Server delivers the reliable and powerful server hardware and connection that your business-critical applications require.

  • Bursting speeds and fully dedicated hardware resources with no shared computing power or memory usage.
  • Proactive monitoring and 24-hour hands-on support by our skilled technicians.
  • Fully customizable edicated servers in our facilites in the US or Brazil.
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